Since 1978 in constant, continuous growth, CO.FER.M is today a leading company in the preparation of stainless steel as a raw material for the biggest steel mills in Europe. Titanium, high speed steels and special alloys are just some of the different types of metals marketed.

Application sectors


100% recovered scrap that allows us to manufacture instruments to fly in the Earth’s atmosphere and space.


the recovery of vehicles at the end of their service life enables the recovery of material to be reintroduced into the market for the cars of the future.


Metals and alloys that can be included in the production cycle for petrochemical plants and for the transport of fluids, liquids.


A line dedicated to the preparation and transformation of scrap, often containing noble and completely recyclable materials. This quality scrap is destined for remelting at smelters for the manufacture of ingots to be reintroduced on the market as new metals.

  • Titanium
  • Niobium
  • Tungsten
  • Super Alloys
  • Zirconium
  • Steel
  • Tungsten
  • Alloys

Quality, environmental protection and safety.
Strategic factors to achieve

We transform waste products and scrap into certified metal

The processing cycle includes precise steps based on industry standards. The scrap enters our inspection and verification cycle during which the specifications of the scrap Alloy are confirmed.
The scrap is then prepared according to the needs and characteristics required to return to the recovery cycle and shipped to all the biggest steel mills, and more, in Europe.
Our in-depth knowledge of materials is the engine that drives the volumes necessary to ensure competitiveness in the CO.FER.M market

  • Classification of scrapped Materials
  • Scrap Preparation
  • Casting or cutting into specific shapes
  • Recycling and re-placing on the market of the product

Scrap collection

We purchase all types of metal, processing scraps, turnings, etc. from everyone without distinction etc… we recover, recycle and place scrap and metal waste back into the production cycle.

Certified by CO.FER.M to bring waste materials and old scrap back to life.