Quality delivered every day

A highly qualified team and optimised work and control systems allow us to perform the following services in the best way possible.

Immediate Quotes

In case of requests, a team of technicians and salesmen evaluates the request and quickly delivers the parts that can be estimated and the relevant information sheets


Logistics facilitated by the strategic position (which has always been a feather in the company’s cap) guarantee easy transport of goods, such as dedicated tracks, the dock of the port of Ancona, the Jesi freight terminal and a large service area for trucks.

Pure Alloy Analysis

The Analysis laboratory pays even greater attention to the delicate and specific aspects required by Pure Metal Alloys and CO.FER.M ensures white-glove management of the materials and the precious information deriving from them.

Analysis laboratory

Having greater control over the quality of materials and establishing the exact value of raw and processed materials is one of the great secrets to CO.FER.M’s success. A laboratory like few others in the sector but also a lot of know-how made available to customers to always guarantee adequate performance.

Radiometric control

The plant is equipped with a sophisticated system of radiometric panels to detect radiometric anomalies.

Boxes on loan for use

CO.FER.M is also able to provide the placement and parking service in dedicated areas for its collection boxes at the customers’ site.
It thus offers a low cost and a great advantage in terms of service activation speed as the box management is considered part of the CO.FER.M agreements.